Can I Grieve That Which Never Was?
Official website for artist Nicole Rademacher
Nicole Rademacher, Rademacher artist, Los Angeles, Chile, Barcelona, interdisciplinary, research-based, contemporary artist, conceptual artist, adoptee, adoptee voices, social practice artist, public practice artist, art therapy
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Can I Grieve That Which Never Was?

Can I Grieve That Which Never Was? is a series of seventeen photo-collages organized in a photo album. The photos are archival images of my childhood with my adoptive family; where I cut my image out of the photograph, and placed on top of archival images of my biological family from the same time period. While creating the collages, I did a deep dive internally, delving into my fantasies of what my life could have been like had I not been relinquished. The collages evoke a strange nostalgia and feelings of loss while questioning the idea of family.




archival photographs, vellum, photo album


each collage is 8 x 10 inches