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Nicole Rademacher, Rademacher artist, Los Angeles, Chile, Barcelona, interdisciplinary, research-based, contemporary artist, conceptual artist, adoptee, adoptee voices, social practice artist, public practice artist, art therapy
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Nesting is a series of ten short videos that is almost 6 minutes long. Through a unique editing style and unconventional framing, Nesting explores intimate moments in mothering during the early years. The videos focus on the concepts of intimacy and attunement and how they manifest in a mother-child relationship. By documenting my time with my son when he was little, I examined my own insecurities of being a mother and belonging.

Gate Pass, a project by artist Nicole Rademacher

Gate Pass

Gate Pass explores correlations between private and public gestures of familial protection as interpreted through the fixture of home gates. I examined ideas of privacy and protection through interviews and observations of the people who lived behind or passed through the gates in the Central Province of Kenya while on a 3-month residency; my research revealed a shared need for security and the lengths we go to achieve a sense of safety and stability. Gate Pass documents these impeding physical boundaries through photography and video, exploring the daily occurrences both inside and outside the gates, while revealing connections of intimacy and formality, alienation and belonging, security and vulnerability.


Installed at Los Angeles International Airport for 6 months in 2017, Gate Pass sought to create a dialogue with air travelers about security measures, a collective component of the air travel experience, encouraging reflection on issues of trust and protection.


The project was made possible through a residency with Maji Mazuri Centre in Nairobi, Kenya and received funding from many individual donors, North Carolina Arts Council, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.


All photos by Panic Studio LA

Potential Spaces, a project by artist Nicole Rademacher

Potential Spaces

A projected video installation investigating space between members of bi-cultural couples as artifacts of an amalgamated personal culture. Referencing the principle of potential energy in physics, Potential Spaces considers “space” a field of action while simultaneously making action possible.


This project was made possible with help from Alfred University and a residency at La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

You are a Perpetual Tourist, a project by artist Nicole Rademacher

You are a Perpetual Tourist

You are a Perpetual Tourist is a series of sixty-two short (and micro) experimental documentaries exploring ideas of longing and distance between children and adult family members in public space as expressed through gesture.


The book Longing & Distance: through gesture is a companion piece.


Exhibited at: Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY; E.H. Little Fine Arts Center, Charlotte, NC; the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China; Local Project, Queens, NY; Consulate of Chile in New York, NY; Centro de Arte Digital en Memoria de Juan Downey, Puerto Varas, Chile; and Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.


Footage was gathered over 4 years in Tucson (AZ), Chicago, New York, Panama Canal, Panama City Airport, Valparaiso (Chile), Viña del Mar (Chile), Mendoza (Argentina), Buenos Aires, and Miami.


This project was partially funded through the State University of New York Graduate Diversity Fellowship.

Reciprocal Strategies, a project by artist Nicole Rademacher in collaboration with Cassidy Petrazzi

Reciprocal Strategies

The work was founded on the idea of mashing the ping-pong of a conversation with the collective assemblage of an exquisite corpse: one artist would make a short video quickly, sending it to the other artist. Then the next artist would make another short video quickly in response, sending that to the other artist. The end product is an installation that can be understood as a series of monologues and/or conversations between the videos, some being self-evident, while others relying on the interaction in the space with the other videos and with the viewers inhabiting the projection of other videos in order clearly see one.


Reciprocal Strategies was a collaboration with Cassidy Petrazzi.